Novice Trader looking for friends :)

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  1. Hi, I'm new to ET and also a studying and aspiring trader.

    I'm looking for new friends, hopefully of the trading mindset :), to share ideas, meet for beers occassionally and maybe even create our own bowling or poker league and go out on the weekends with wives/gfs or just to meet to have fun at a club, organize excursions, do business some day, network, or whatever is fun. No matter what the age, friendship is the best thing ever. If you can connect with this, then you are a prospective great friend. A community does not only have to be in our minds, it can also extend itself to our real life. The most successful individuals are not those who have money: are those who have great friends.

    I think that having friends is the key to any achievements and success in life worth mentioning. Besides, it's great to meet great people and having fun! and I don't care if you're a hedge fund manager or you no longer trade but can contribute with good ideas. I love new friends as long as you can still type and maybe are even interested in hanging out with the gang. Nothing better than meeting for a great dinner in town at night!

    First impressions are important. So this is me: I live in NYC. I'm in my late 30s, work out regularly to keep in shape, I'm a hard-working entrepreneur (import-export business, online e-commerce) technical guru and teacher, and web designer.
    I'm also a avid traveler, businessman, martial artist, and I have artistic interests, but money and trading are two of my passions (which is not good. I know I should be more centered).

    I have this plan in my mind where I give half my money to charity every year. Within reason, that is.

    I am interested in meeting people who have a constructive opinion, are whip-smart, astute, and fantastic in every way. I'm also looking for friends who can contribute in any way to the growth of an aspiring trader (me! :) ). Maybe I can also contribute to the growth of others. That would be great.

    Books I have enjoyed include the essentials (still reading) and I have also made and lost quite a bit of money in the markets. Taken huge and unreasonable risks, and that's not smart to do. Right now i'm trying to learn to be less impulsive and more methodical, and to learn the legendary Elite Trader mindset. I hope to be there one day.

    I have enjoyed myself reading many of the threads here, and this is my first attempt at making some great new friends in this community.

    if you want to make new friends and have something to contribute, hopefully positive things, then, hey, say hello. :) I want to make some awesome new friends!

    best wishes to everyone.

    Did you buy C at $1???? I did :)))))))))

    Halberdian :)