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    I am new to trading and i need some help- there is so much info about trading out there, it's overwhelming. I'll probably start with about 10k, so can anyone recommend a broker and a trading software for a beginner. Also, are there any(useful) web courses that i can take.
    Has anyone taken Traders international's Times course on how to trade e-minis- is it worth the $5000. Also, i'd like to hear pros and cons regarding Esignal and Medved QT...any help is greatly appreciated
  2. omfg, yes, by all means, give half of what u got to a shiller, best way to go nowhere fast.
  3. Yes, there is that one trading course online where....... oh wait, no no....

    Ummm, there is that other trading course, oh yeah... wait, that one was a scam too.

    Hmmmmm, 10k, well, hope you can afford to lose it.

    Yeah, that's about all :)

    eSignal does not deserve new customers, just you keep that in mind and I would not advocate going to them. ProphetX is looking promising.

    QuoteTracker I'd recommend before eSignal.
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    Thanks Mizer, you made me realize how much of a loser I am.

    Glad to have your constructive and productive comments anytime :D

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    It is confusing @ first, but with time 60 minutes thru 76 +year charts make sense;
    glad i learned mostly with stocks, they're more forgiving ,& kind than derivatives.

    If you are determined to trade emini type contracts,
    Chicago BOT & CME has some helpful education,
    just dont believe the BOT traders comparing CME traders to seagulls:cool: BOT does have some excellant education,also free.

    Both Esignal & Medved QT have free trial/free stuff.
    Wisdom is profitable to direct. For lots less than 5k you can get a library/library card.

    William O Neil, Jack Schwager, Dr.Van Tharp are some of the best books written ;
    also click books top green line this page.
  7. Oh yeah, btw, read Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. It helps..... a lot.
  8. As far as a broker/trading platform for a novice, check out Interactive Brokers or Tradestation. IB is the big kid on the block, and tradestation I believe has charting integrated into its trading platform, so that may cut down on overall cost by not needing a third party data vendor.

    Also, check out my 2nd post on this thread.

    Use a simulator first. Unless you have some tradeable edge you are unlikely to make any consistent money trading futures, and most likely will eat through a good portion of that 10k.

    Also, checkout this website.

    Bill Duryea, is a good guy, and definitely makes consistent money trading the ES. His room used to be free, but now he has, I believe a 2 week free trial, and then I think its $100/mo. I am not affiliated with him, nor a current subscriber. I have spent several weeks in his room in the past, and think a novice trader can learn from him.

    Good luck.

    P.S. I agree with the Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas recommendation, although I think you can skip to chapter 6, and still get the good stuff out of the book.
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    Trading is costly enough without going nowhere fast.


    The ''brokers'' section @ top of this page helps;
    I use OXPS broker,great- free charts/hi comissions,
    & Interactive Brokers, more complex, but cheap comissions.
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