November NYSE Short Interest: Not Pretty For Financials

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  1. Short interest for stocks traded on the NYSE was up about 3% for the period ending November 15 compared to the October 31 numbers. Bets against big financials sky-rocketed, and positions in some retailers jumped.

    The shares sold short in Washington Mutual (WM) jumped 12.3 million to 74.6 million. Wells Fargo (WFC) shares sold short moved up almost six million to 53.7 million

    The short position in Wal-Mart (WMT) spiked to 7.4 million to 51.6 million and Home Depot's (HD) was up 5.6 million to 63 million.

    Largest Short Positions

    Company Shares Short

    Ford (F) 164.4 million

    Countrywide (CFC) 112.5 million

    Washington Mutual 74.6 million

    AMD (AMD) 68.2 million

    CVS 67.6 million

    Qwest (Q) 66.7 million

    Home Depot 63.0 million

    GE 61.6 million

    Time Warner 61.3 million

    Best Buy 59.1 million

    Source: NYSE