November Election: Effect on the Market?

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Election Outcome

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  1. House = Republicans, Senate = Democrates

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  2. House+Senate = Republicans

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  3. House = Democrates, Senate = Republicans

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  4. House+Senate = Democrates

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  5. I am afraid to voice my opinion on public message boards

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  1. as far as the market is concerned, does it matter who wins in Nov? if it matters, is the result already priced in?
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    of course. the right wing damaged worldwide economy by increasing debts (stupid wars) and deregulating financial industry. the left wing demand more regulations and will limit people freedom (commies). Centralist balance the right and left wings idea.

    Therefore, the right and left wings control the world meaning, DOOMSDAY is coming. my forecast shows SP 500 bottom around 450 - 550 before spring 2011
  3. I can only comment based on experience trading the BUSH/GORE election.

    That had some wild swings depending on who was in the lead and then the "hannging Chad bit " ...caused some intraday moves.

    I do think the market is rallying right now, to price in a Rep. Win in House...causing a stop to all the Progressive bullshit the OBAMA admin is trying to push with the Congress behind him.

    Could be a huge sell off if the House stay's Majority Dems.
  4. fwiw...

    "The market's sweet spot of the four year cycle begins in the fourth quarter of the mid term year. The best two quarter span runs from the fourth quarter of the midterm year through the first quarter of the pre election year"

    From the Stock traders almanac
  5. This election is the Republicans' to lose. If they lose, it'll be because they're fighting among each other. The big credits will go to Glen Beck & Sean Hannity. There's plenty to hammer Obama and the Democrats, and all they're doing is hammering each other. [​IMG]
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    Tsing Tao

    is "democrates" pronounced like "socrates"?
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    Doesn't matter who wins, wallstreet will spin any win by the democrats or republicans a positive.
  8. thanks for the tip. i will try harder next time :)
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