Novellus Just Missed And The Stock Is Up

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by MrDODGE, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. More green shoot manipulation BS? Are we going to go through another entire earnings season where bad news is spun positive? Where even if you miss big, the stock is going to shoot up several percentage points?
  2. Take Two - Slahes Q3, FY09 guidance well below the street

    WHOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO stock to the moon!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. If you back out the charge for reductions in workforce and scaling back some other operations, the net loss was within the range at $0.41

    You also have to understand that there is a decent short interest out there as a percentage of the float . . . 7.8%
  4. Dell slashes guidance, obviously someone had the news at opening
  5. Yawn.
  6. You are just like CNBC, yawn at and don't report or spin all of the negative news.
  7. What does CNBC have to do with making $$$?

    That's your first mistake.

    It's amazing that anyone here at ET actually trades for a living . . . given how wrapped up most people on here are with "conspiracy" theories and alleged manipulation . . . it's a total shocker that anyone can actually be anything other than a "deer caught in headlights" and pull the trigger!