Nov 9-Fri..what indicated the 10:20AM-EST emini index trend reversal?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. today 11/9 10:20am will note the very definite trend break and trend reversal...what perhaps, one thing, tipped you off to the now...downtrend...lower lows, etc...really studying this...please add your insight...thanks...for the ES,YM,NQ,ER2 etc.
  2. S&P broke 1490 the other day, and badly. That was the confirmation that the downtrend is now in and the bears are ready to feast on the Cramericans.

    Also look at the BIG CAP TECH
    GOOG, BIDU, RIM. RIM down 8% so far today on top of yesterday. GOOG down 3%. Serious MM selling going on here. At some point margin calls kick in and melt downs occur. We will get a steady stream of crap news for probably the next month. Despite more rate cuts which will only compound the problem further in the long term.

    Gold OIL TECH were the only pillars holding the thing together and the glue is coming undone, although gold is still holding out by it's fingernails. Expect more hard selling by the funds in the areas that did well the past few months. PPT will come into effect again today after 2:00pm :D