Nov. 2nd, 2010. It's Destroy Democrat Day!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Nov 2, 2010.

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    I'll be providing the free knives for liberals to cut their throats!!!! Better yet, they should all stage a massive 'Jim Jones' like suicide pact. Pelosi & Reid will head the ceremony. Put it on pay per view, and I'll supply the popcorn!!!! LOL :D
  2. Its just the aristocrats duelling with each other and the peasants enlisted as cannon fodder with the usual promises of change, constitution, freedom, healthcare...and what have you.

    Actually if i were Obama, i would simply stop campaigning and cede power of congress to the other side. Why not? the economy is sure as hell not going to be out of the shit hole any time soon and the American public fed on instant gratification will soon start blaming the republicans up sooner rather than later. Better to let the other side take the brunt of the angry masses. The governor of the bank of england said , whoever gets elected will almost certainly be out of power for the next 20 years. This applies in America.
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    rc no doubt understands that, and it scares him. He controls that fear with a "go team, go!" faith. Not that he's alone in that.
  4. Most democrats and Obama supporters are happy the democratic party will lose the House,I'll leave it to you to figure out why
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    You are correct, but as a member of the "cannon fodder" group I have hope that more and more of us wake up to the simple fact that our country is being destroyed and our liberties trampled by the horse's asses that we gave "temp jobs" to as our elected representatives and that we start a program of rotating these "temp workers" every election cycle rather than giving them a career in the "screw us" game of politics! I hope that more and more of the "cannon fodder" ignore the Democrat and Republican parties and "vote for none of the above, Brewsters Millions" as both parties have got the gold mine and we have got the shaft!
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    Thats one of the few smart things i have heard you say.

    Truth be told i hope republicans are 1 seat shy of both the house and senate, so that the dems dont have a scapegoat.

    It sets it all up for 2012 to take back the house,senate, and presidency, where some real changes can be made.

    Either we will end in gridlock, for the next 2 years anyways, nothing is going to get accomplished, atleast most reasonable business people will realise that we are going to end in gridlock for a couple years, and it will give them time to catch up on all the new legislation, so hopefully it will give them some confidence to start expanding again, knowing the rules arent going to change very much from where they currently stand.
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    Tsing Tao

    lol! i love it. now it's "we want to give that up, go ahead, take it"

    i swear, it's like a pre-school playground with you guys. "we lost on purpose!"

    please provide links of "most democrats" who are happy.
  8. Sour grapes, and alleviated from responsibility for running shit (even further) into the ground...

  9. All Obama and the dems have done in the past two years is blame "obstructionist" republicans despite their majority.

    It's to be expected the blame game will only ramp up. It's their speciality.
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    Of course it's like that. The OP posts like this is the last time the liberals will be in power. He's too young, "pre-school" as you put it, to see the pendulum nature of the beast.
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