Nov 16. Bernack "supports strong dollar"

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  1. uh.... yeah...

    this makes me squeamish to watch to see one of the largest US figureheads to lie so blatantly. at least don't talk about it...
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    It's comical. We support a strong dollar but we're gonna keep rates at zero pretty much indefinitely.
  3. High rates = strong currency?
  4. LOL your post is funny and true

    In an old fashioned sort of way. But this is almost 2010, no one cares about good old common sense anymore :)

    Oh I am not talking to Makloda, I think Makloda is trying to be contrarian and be right

    but witting is on the wall
  5. I learned the hard way a long time ago--
    "Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying".

    Bernanke can say he supports a strong dollar all he wants. But as long as he keeps interest rates so low and keeps printing money, the US dollar has no where to go but down and my gold and silver stocks, ETFs, etc. have no where to go but up.
  6. The headline I read said Helicopter Ben was "eyeing" the Dollar. I guess that could be true. Most people think he's just checking to see if his shoes are untied, but he's really trying to spot how low the Dollar has gone since 2001.

    Oh well. Dow to 20,000. Gold to 5,000. Dollar index free falls to below 10. Let's all party at the guy on the corner's house (you know, the only one in your neighborhood who is still employed and isn't facing foreclosure) since things look soooooooo good.
  7. It has become habitual for Benny and the Jets.
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    Remember what bernanke said and come back in 6-18 months and see where the dollar will be, the dollar is headed for collapse and all they keep saying is they support a strong dollar.

    He has said the same damn thing over and over again and yet nothing is getting done.
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    keep talking up the dollar bernanke
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