Notional funding for CPO?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by heech, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. heech


    Does notional funding for CPOs exist? I'm thinking the answer is "no".

    So, any industry-standard solutions on how investors can choose their preferred level of leverage?
  2. Biog


    Nope, not for a CPO.

    You can setup in the offereing docs different share levels which essentially boost the leverage.
  3. So why not register as CTA. Gives you more flexibility. And APS back office functionality gives you the chance "to act as" a Commodity Pool ?
  4. heech


    I have an arbitrage strategy, and I just don't want to share my positions/trading with daily transparency. I don't mind talking in rough terms at the end of the month, but not daily.
  5. What is "APS back office functionality"?
  6. snp500


    Average Price
  7. How do you do average price?

    Is there special tool you have to use?

    Which FCM support this?