Notion Of Obama As ‘Anti-Bush’ Rendered ‘Ludicrous’

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    Max E.

    Just as ive been saying all along, Obama = Bush on steroids

    Scarborough, Guest Rip NSA Collecting Phone Records: Notion Of Obama As ‘Anti-Bush’ Rendered ‘Ludicrous’

    Following a court order in April, the National Security Administration has been collecting phone records from Verizon customers on an “ongoing, daily basis,” according to a Guardian report last night. Morning Joe tackled the topic on Thursday, with Joe Scarborough noting it would be hard to find a worse narrative for the president — while former GOP strategist Nicolle Wallace ripped the idea that President Obama ran as the “anti-Bush.”

    Scarborough added the Verizon issue to the checklist of numerous controversies facing the White House currently. It’s “unbelievable” and simply feeds into Republican and tea party narratives, he argued. “It is hard taken in totality to…actually put together a worse narrative for a progressive president and a progressive White House, on the eve of the president’s health plan being fully implemented. It’s hard to come up with a worse scenario for them publicly.”

    The unusual aspect of the scenario is the “unlimited scope,” Willie Geist chimed in — as Wallace chimed in with a more political point.

    “It renders completely ludicrous the notion that Barack Obama ran as the anti-George W. Bush,” she asserted. “Because he has now accelerated and intensified almost every single anti-terror policy that was ever imagined by the Bush administration. … The notion that this man ran as the anti-Bush is now rendered completely ridiculous.”

    It’s “the bipartisan security state,” Steve Kornacki noted.

    Take a look, via MSNBC:

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    Good Job, Mr. President?
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    I thought libs were supposed to be against this type of shit. Waiting..............
  4. Is there a chance that Obama and Holder will end up as detainees at Gitmo?
  5. The sheep don't care as long as they get their SNAP cards, section 8 housing, Obama phones, and reality t.v.
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    Only when it is being done by Republicans. Obama gets a pass.
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    The gubment wants phone records from 121,000,000 Verizon customers?!?!?
    :confused: :mad:
    Has anyone ever heard of the Fourth Amendment?????:mad: :mad:

    George bush gets away with the patriot act, then Onazi gets ahold of it, and uses it like a drug. Wonder how many conservatives are going to suffer now? After all, it's obvious Onazi and his Gestapo are on a mission.:mad: