Noticed "downloading" at each keystroke

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by illiquid, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. When accessing my email account from their website, I noticed that at each keystroke when I type in my address to login, the cursor turns into an hourglass for a split second and I see that IE is "Downloading picture 'https://webmail.*******.net/wam/images/*******/email_errbox_RED.gif"

    Is this anything to be wary of?

    edit: customer service says "it's nothing to be worried about".
  2. rcj


    Doesnt seem like that should be happening.

    Go to anothet PC and login...see if the same thing occurs.

    Also, try a log in with a different browser.

    ... rcj
  3. This is due to a bad programming practice in some javascript code. Nothing to be worried about (besides that you're using a mail client that has bad programmers on their staff).

    "No! No! No! Bad Form!"
  4. Thanks, that's comforting -- I guess :)