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  1. Having received more questionable post alerts than I care to count regarding infighting, bickering, profanity and personal attacks on the Elitetrader boards, I would like to make clear to all board members that from this point forward I will be incredibly strict on all threads on boards on which I am a moderator:

    Any posts containing profanity will be deleted.

    Any posts containing a personal attack or insult toward another member will be deleted.

    Any posts containing hyping of services or products will be deleted.

    Any posts that do not pertain directly to trading or trading related issues, or that are off topic will be deleted.

    I am aware that there are members here who don't like other members--simply put them on your ignore list. I won't tolerate any further nuisance posting.

    "Small men talk about other people,
    Mediocre men talk about things,
    Great men talk about ideas."
    -Albert Einstein

    Let us all aspire to be great from this point forward.
  2. my post about tony robbins. I have not suggested the memebers
    to buy his seminars just to give some ideas about handling DT
    losses. I see the post of 2400% return remain on the board.
    This tells the story of this board.
    As long as DT is perceived 2400% returns - it's not hyping - it's ok.
    When I try to help members handle they losses phychologically
    it's removed. I had to respond out of protest !!!!
  3. I have to agree with andrasnm. I think that in Tony Robins thread there was no hype, and that it was related to trading. Maybe you should consider deleting threads in which people express their political views.
  4. roger2



    Many of the posts, and some of the behaviour of posters, has certainly taken an unexpected divergence. This excellent site, after all, was intended as a forum for trading related topics.

    But the recent terrorist action is an unprecedented event, and most of us have never experienced anything like this. Confusion, anger, bewilderment is apparent in the posts.

    Regarding your notice above, I wholeheartedly agree with every point save one: profanity, personal attacks, hyping of services, and complaints about other members are not productive, are in bad taste, and will not be missed.

    Additionally, your quote of Einstein is true and relevant.

    We have all just experienced a shocking series of events. In addition to being the premier trading site, I believe that Elite Trader is also a community of intelligent members who happen to share a common interest in trading. It is a forum for learning and the exchange of ideas.

    If you believe it is true that "great men talk about ideas", I would ask you to look again at the thread entitled "Terrorist Attack on World Trade Center NY". No, it is not about trading. But this topic is foremost on everyone's mind right now, it is only natural that we should want to discuss it. And while this thread contains a lot of disagreement, if nothing else it is certainly an honest discourse: it is a discussion of ideas.

    It seems that this thread, and others of similar topic, serve an invaluable function right now. Venting frustration, addressing fears, offering ideas, sharing and even possibly learning from others...

    I would ask that you reconsider your decision not to allow topics other than those related directly to trading, and re-open the "Terrorist Attack..." thread, at least until trading resumes. Participation is voluntary, of course, but the amount of participation would seem to indicate that this thread, and others, are fulfilling an important function.

    Thanks for listening...
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    Take care of your business. This forum has lost its focus. We come here to share and learn about TRADING in the stock market; not to figure out what religion we are and/or to learn why we should hate each other. Let's get this thing cleaned up. All who don't like it, go participate in all the silly "amateur" boards available.


  6. I don't think I have posted a big secret just that had no vested
    interest. I could not care if any of you learn to make money or
    will become a more powerful person or not.

    Take heed - censorship and curtailing of civil liberties sadly
    will come soon enough ! I protest whenever I feel that
    my voice is curtailed for no good reason ! All the crap I see on
    the board I found funny that my innocent post was removed
    that's all !
    I am not the one who is losing out on this !
    No bid deal otherwise :) take care !
  7. roger2


    BSAM: "We come here to share and learn about TRADING in the stock market; not to figure out what religion we are and/or to learn why we should hate each other. "

    On the contrary, one of the points, articulated in different ways by several posters in the thread I referred to, relates to reasons why we SHOULD NOT hate each other.

    If someone does not want to read or participate in that (or any other) thread they are not required to do so.

    If the thread is valuable, useful, informative, therapeutic, or thought provoking in some way to certain members, I simply can not understand why that would be offensive to anyone.
  8. andr,

    Why do you feel so strongly the need to fill the coffers of Tony Robbins Inc.?

    Let it go.

    PS I don't see him promoting you or helping pay your rent.
  9. Magna

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    Glad you're stepping up to the plate to straighten out the recent mess on this board. Lots of name-calling, personal attacks, downright nastiness, and general nonsense. It will be nice to regain our focus, which is trading. There are many other boards on the internet where political and religious discussions have a place.
  10. Maxito


    "Let us all aspire to be great from this point forward."

    Focus . . . Professionalism . . . On-Topic.

    I do not see a problem with any of that.
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