Notice On Trading Sanctioned Companies

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by HappyTrader, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. Anyone else get a notification that if you are a US person you are no longer permitted to trader certain sanctioned companies from China?

    I knew there were sanctions, but did not know they would penalize smaller investors who hold a few shares of these companies.

    Anyone know if this will cause problems to non-US persons residing outside of the US?
  2. JSOP


    Finally somebody is doing something to protect small investors from being defrauded by scam Chinese companies!!
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  3. I did not receive such a notification. Could it be that IB has only sent this to customers who actually hold such shares?
  4. My other broker notified HSI traders by raising margins to infinity. For non-us customers too.

    IB make a distinction between US based and ROW customers fortunately so theres no general notifications but I expect the systems will deny you access if your country does.
  5. I believe you have to hold the shares. The header of the notification said something about due to the fact that I have the shares ... etc. etc etc...
  6. Yes, I believe IB also increased margin on those Chinese stocks to 100%.