Nothing will bring this market down..................................................

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  1. The fed will print 10 trillion dollars, and reduce rates to below zero - the top will be sold to the poor.
  2. Buy VLO - my recomendation for the day.
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    What happened in 1906 after the San Fransisco earthquake? This does seem worse.
  4. institutional liquidity pumpers were working hard today --- meeting some competition though.
  5. This is not worse than the 1906 earthquake, mostly since people were warned and most got out.

    The result was the panic of 1907.
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    I meant in property damage not lives. Apparently the 1906-1907 decline was also about the threat to monopolies by the president.
  7. The most ridiculous thing I see today is that the Russell 2000 is up .75% while the rest of the equities markets are down.

    This is my slack time musing for the day. Be interesting to see how the indices line up at the close though...
  8. As long as there are bears on this site i will be buying every dip.
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    you may be buying on the dips but how much? that is the question.
    bulls are taking profits a lot faster than usual, well at least the traders I speak to or have daily contact with.

    In reality, has been good opportunities both long and short last few days/week.

    I am making about the same amount in both directions...30-50cents.
  10. All of SF was destroyed in 1906. Not by the earthquake, but by the subsequent fire.

    While SF then was smaller than NO now, it was more important as a percentage of the economy.
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