Nothing Paulson or Bernake say or do will help...WHY?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Aaron Copland, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Because they have lied for the last year, the have ZERO creditability ZERO.

    Thats a big problem!
  2. neither do you. Whats your point ?
  3. greddy


    Eric Bolling was right on yesterday. He said
    Hank should just shut up during market hours.

    All he does is tank the market.
  4. CDS have to go - all of them.
  5. Actually, you have a lot in common with them because you have ZERO CREDIBILITY . . . You have no basic knowledge about the capital markets and counter-party risk, credit default swaps, etc., let alone how they work. You have zero knowledge about anything regarding the banking system. Period.

    This quote by you on Sept. 17th says it all:

    "You watch to much TV. The same thing was said about Lehman, Landis and his side kick Makloda were making the case that Lehmans counter parties would bring the financial system to it's knees."

    You are truly a MORON.
    Congratulations fool.

  6. zdreg


    that's a pretty silly response.
  7. neither are you. Whats your point ?

    PS: if member of the tribe, disclose it.