Nothing is safe in Trading now ..unless

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  1. When a human mind turns on itself there is nothing safe. They say a man is his own worst enemy? Its true.

    You yourself are a disaster waiting to explode and sink. The doom and gloom has reached gigantic proportions since you slumbered out of your New Year's drunken parties and fell on your porch.

    I have been reading a lot these days and hearing a lot at my trading firm. There is a dark horse in every corner. People just want to crawl into that space where they can feel safe like a whimpering rabbit scared at the Lions roar. Well the Lion hasn't roared yet, you stupid deluded moron!

    That ultimate space used to be your mothers womb. You can still curl up in a fetal position and assume that posture perhaps and sink ?

    Well I got news for you ...

    Nothing is safe unless you cure your mental delusions:

    1/ Recession is here
    2/Sky is falling
    3/Real estate will never come back
    4/This is a bear market- sell into strength and run for the hills
    5/Gold and Oil will protect me ( Oh yeah ? )
    6/Its all over now. There is no hope. The future is dark
    7/The Titanic ( US economy) is about sink and the band is playing
    8/ I am a US citizen I am entitled to everything.
  2. Someone needs to up your dose..........
  3. Sure... appreciate your sense of humor pal.
  4. It is tough to decide where most US citizens should park their cash for medium to long-term investments.
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  10. Oh why do people insist on quoting these guys? Day you are not a trader, your mindset is not built for this game. You have WAY too many opionons. You need to be a robot to be a good trader. It sounds like you are not capable of trading the market from the shortside. If I remember correctly, you started posting last summer right? Guess what you pretty much top ticked this market. After the bounce back in august, it has been downhill since then. I can see why you have +1000 posts in such a short time, you can't trade from the short side. Oh well a new uptrend should start soon, like late 2009, keep on with the happy pills though!
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