Nothing gets peoples minds off the economy faster than thinking they will die...

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  1. Swine flu...what a croc of sh*t!! They put presidents and heads of state all over the TV to tell people "Dont panic!" when if they never went on TV people wouldnt have panicked as much.

    80 people have died in mexico from the swine flu in the last month!! OH NO! Hmm...I wonder how many people die regularly from the flu. Oh thats right, about 100 people a day NORMALLY die from just the regular old flu and its related causes.

    So about 100 people worldwide have died from this swine flu in a month whereas 100 people a day are dying from the normal flu.

    Yeah, i think this is something to just get people all worked up and scared.

    Nothing gets people minds off the economy, their unemployment and the fact that their houses are being forclosed on, faster than telling them they will die from some pig disease flu.
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    you are just a Obama hater, shame on you

    shame on you, Obama is trying to bring this country to life and all you can do is criticize

    I would go and fight and lay down my life for Obama, because he is a true patriot

    a true leader,

    I have many pictures of Obama and in all of them you can see statesman like leadership and intelligence and he is christian too
  3. Oh Brother... suggest you not drink the kool-aid when offered.
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    Obama will take his position as leader of the world too,

    Entire world should benefit from Obama's morals not just USA
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    why do you say that, do you not see the light of Christ and his servant Obama
  6. Nostradamus prophecies held for "3 Antichrists"... the first, Napoleon. The second, Hitler. The 3rd... some argue it will be Obama...
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    I know that's not true, every night I pray to God to give Obama healthy and long life

    and I will pray for you too so that you can start drinking that sweet sweet koolaid

    I am going numb, I can't feel my extremities no more

    what is happening, oh nooo, I was promised much longer usability

    aaaaaawwwwww :(
  8. Obama is not a Christian. He claims to be, but he is not. No Christian is for the abortion policies, stem cell research and gay marriage that he is for.

    Just like the Bible says "By their fruit you will recognize them" Matt 7:16

    Too many people in this world think they are Christians and they cant even name the 10 commandments. They also believe in evolution. How can someone claim to be a Christian AND believe in Evolution? Thats basically saying, you dont beleive the bible, and if you dont believe the bible, how can you call yourself a Christian?

    Ok...lets not turn this anymore into a theological debate, or we might get off track.
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    sorry dude, I was just joking on the whole Obama worshiping
  10. Yes, lets make it easier for teenage girls to get abortions and not tell their parents. Let create embyonic stem cells because we only kill 3500 unborn children every year with abortions and this should get our numbers up! And lets free all the bad people in the world that we held captive in Gitmo, that want to kill us, so they can have another chance!
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