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Discussion in 'Trading' started by jrs3, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. jrs3


    everything is roses, hummm thats all I read and hear. Market gurus are tripping over one another to raise their 2004 forecast.
    Everything is always perfect at the top.
  2. My Barnes and Noble indicator says we havent got there yet. The number of books about trading and investing is still declining. When I see them start to increase again I will start getting bearish.:)
  3. omcate


    Agree. One of my friends talked to a famous analyst at Wall Street one year ago. That guru predicted that the US stock market would crash big. When that hot-shot turns bullish, it is time for me to short stocks, and sell tons of call options.

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  4. dgmodel

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    isnt that bernard baruchs strategy??? he said (if i recall correctly) once shoeshiners are giving him stocktips its time to get out of the markets...
  5. jms2828


    that was actually J-Ping-Pong Morgan
  6. abogdan


    Here we go again! Dust off your crystal balls, pull out your prediction cards, put your dream catchers beside your bed ……….or just look at the charts and stop being naïve!
  7. jrs3


    I myself won't even think of shorting till I see the 100 day weighted moving average of the Dow Industrials start to arch over. That might not happen till ole George is re-elected. In the mean time I wait for pull backs to that moving average to get long.
  8. dgmodel

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    thank you...

    lol... agreed...
  9. omcate


    At that time, J_Ping_Pong Morgan had so much money that he might actually caused the stock market to crash, when he started to pull out.