Notebooks or Desktops which ones better for trading

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mahram, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. So what do people prefer, notebooks or desktops for trading?
  2. depends on what your needs are. I trade from 15min to 1hr charts. Notebook is sufficient, and I like the mobility.
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    I have and use both. One at home the other while traveling. I personally prefer the larger screen and keyboard of the desktop.
  4. I use both personally, I really like the mobility of notebooks, I really dont like the keyboards on notebooks. With desktops, I like the larger screens, but I hate that it takes so much space. My brother made my notebooks so that it works like screens,integreted. I compeletly agree with you that it makes travelling so easy. All I have todo is pack up my notebooks, and they fit easily in. Well if you have a desktop, it makes it almost impossible. What are the largest screens availble right now for notebooks, the biggest one I could find are 17inches, and the best quailty is sony vaoi's and toshiba sattelites.

  5. I trade options and tend to track a set of stocks in my targets' sector as well as the major indexes, so I need lots of real estate for charts. I find 1280x1024 too small, and prefer 1600x1200, so I use a desktop.

    I visit my folks one weekend a month, so I miss the first few hours of trading on Monday morning, which is a bummer. One thing I'm thinking of doing is taking the train, and using a notebook and the Verizon EV-DO wireless service, which should give me bandwidth of around 400kbps. Has anyone here used this service and have any comments about it?
  6. I use desktop with matrox Video card for charts and execute orders from my laptop. it gives me the mobility and also when I figured out where S/R are I just can go around with laptop and watch the price just trough IB numbers if I have to.
  7. I like my order entry and a chart or two on a notebook... like the battery backup and all the other charts on desktops.
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    I trade with a Toshiba A40 notebook. Is it possible do add an external monitor ? Thanks for the reply.
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    Yes, it's possible. Just connect a second monitor to your external "VGA Out" connector and configure your display settings in WinXP to extend the desktop to the 2nd monitor.
    Multi-Monitor Setups for Laptops
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    Thanks. Exactly what I was after.
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