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  1. Who makes the smallest/lightest portable laptop.
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  3. I like fujitsu brands of notebook

    not only are they small, they are built with very good heat circulation and are one of the smallest most compact notebooks out there.

    Their quality is 2nd to only maybe IBM
    check em out, there are whole forums about the P series and the S series at

    Dells - sometimes have poor heat circulation, monitor broke off on me as well.
    IBM - are well built but expensive
    ACER - cheap but not well built, I have one right now as well, had to return it because the motherboard broke, but its affordable , very!
    fujitsu - love it , have a P2020 from 2001, still chumming along. super compact
    compaq/hp - middle ground
    toshiba - not bad, never tried it yet.

    check out for prices as well.
  4. Sony
  5. cable


    Check out Dynamism if you want very small and very light, but don't mind very expensive.