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  1. I'm a "newbie trader" trying to setup basic working station and in the midle of my plans of getting desktop with multiple screen video card I got very powerfull notebook , it's pentium running on 1GHz with 512MB RAM and 4xAGP V card with big 30G disk and 15inch screen, and now I have no clue what to do. Should I exchange the notebook for desktop or do you guys have some good experience with running the workstation on notebook? I wouldn't have to get UPC, that's for sure just like I wouldn't need any extra video card since the notebook already has a plug for extra screen. It has build in network card and modem in case of emergency And the best: I can have my hobby with me all the time !

    let me guys know what you think, thanks a lot !
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    I think the video output on your notebook sends what you would normally see on your laptop screen to a regular monitor. It's not a second output in the sense that it gives you the ability to run another monitor full of information in addition to the laptop's built-in screen.
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    I know several traders using notebooks with success.

    However, this tends to be a more expansive solution than a regular desktop. You might lack some screen room [your plug is to display the exact same screen than the laptop, not a second area].

    Some notebooks are less reliable because they are not meant for hours and hours of use, typical of trading. However, I must say people I know using them have no problem with reliability.

    The battery is a nice touch in case of power failure. And I do have a laptop as backup [a UPC is usually not enough, because big ones are very costly, and if too small you can't remain active for very long, or even give power to your monitor. a laptop is very good solution to this problem, as well as a broker you can actually call !].

    Most would like a desktop with plenty of expansion possible. So keep this in mind. imho.

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    I use a Gateway notebook to trade, and use an additional monitor. I have separate windows open on each screen. Windows 98 and ME will accomodate this as will my machine (standard video card). I know for certain the new compaque notebooks will allow this too (I tried it when I was shopping). I have been very happy so far.