Notebook with dual monitors?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zentrader, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. I am going on a working holiday and need to purchase a notebook computer. I would like to be able to hook a flat panel into it so I have an extended desktop (ie not just a replication of what is on the notebook's monitor).

    I was looking at a Compaq model and the guy in the shop said it can't be done. Does anyone know of any specific brands/models that support this?

  2. Most of the modern dell laptops (inspiron) can handle this. I have an older Insp 7500 that I use in a dual-head setup. It's an older ATI chipset, so I found some experimental drivers (not all vendors will supply multi-head drivers, even if the card can do it-- don't know dells position on this issue).

    I've forgotten the name of the firm (search for trading systems hardware Austin), but there is a company that will do a tri-head setup for you.. 2 off the main card, and then a pcmia card too. I guess you could go to 4 if your networking is built in.

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  4. btw, I'm running the built-in 15in @ 1280x1024, and an external 17in lcd @ 1280x1024.

    The newer dells do 1600x1200 (!!), but I'm not sure if the video ram could handle another 1280x1024

    inspiron 7500, winxp, 512mb/ram.. nice platform.
  5. Hmm, I think this monster might be a bit of trouble in the making if you are a "use it when you can" kind of person. Mobile operation? I do lot of work while flying between client locations. I just can't see being able to function in that little space on the airplane as I do now with this beast. And wow, 12 pounds! I don't need the gym membership with this one. Ten reps of curls while sitting at the airport and I'm good to go.

    Looks like a good machine, but they need to show how well this space hog functions in smaller work areas. Weren't laptops really meant to be portable? :)
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    Just recently saw a top of the line Sony laptop (16" UXGA) at Best Buy for about $2500 that had dual monitor setup. Don't recall the model number, but the screen was impressive.
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  8. Anyone know of a compact, portable lcd display that could be used with my laptop/Appian traveler card?