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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Phil DeGa, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Phil DeGa

    Phil DeGa

    Hello All,

    I am in the mkt for a laptop, I trade index futures, metals & crude. Can anyone offer a recommendation, Dell, IBM, Sony?? Thx.
  2. see the previous thread about HP laptop.

    Brand doesn't matter much. Win XP is preferable over Vista however. You can still find it on some laptops.
  3. or just wipe out that vista crap and install xp on it
  4. rickf


    I've got this Gateway sitting around the house in rather good condition if you're interested in it for $350 plus shipping. Has XP installed, but came with Vista.

    AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile Technology 2.0 GHz | 512 KB L2 Cache |
    Screen 14.1-inch Ultrabright™ WXGA TFT (1280 × 800)
    1024 MB DDR2 memory 533 MHz (2 x 512)
    Expandable to 2 GB

    Total slots: 2 | Available slots: 0 UPGRADED TO (1 X 1GB AND 1 X 512MB
    Video NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 6100
    Up to 256 MB of Turbocache™
    Audio High definition 2-channel audio
    Hard drive 120 GB PATA hard drive (4200 RPM)
    Optical drive 8X Multi-format dual layer DVDRW

    Modem 56K ITU V.92 ready fax/modem
    Network 10/100 Mbps built-in Ethernet
    802.11g wireless LAN

    * Three - USB 2.0 ports
    * One - VGA external connector
    * One - RJ11
    * One - RJ45
    * One - Microphone in
    * One - Headphone/audio out
    * One - Kensington lock slot
    * One - AC adaptor connection