Note to self: filming my own room could result in hate crime charges.

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    A jury found Dharun Ravi guilty of all 15 counts against him, deciding that Ravi not only invaded the privacy of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi and another man but also committed bias intimidation -- a hate crime -- by targeting Clementi because he was gay.

    Dharun Ravi was found guilty and is now facing up to 10 years behind bars for this shocking 'hate crime', lets review what happened..

    He set up a webcam in his own dorm room, while he was out, it caught his gay roommate, Tyler Clementi having love affair with another guy. Clementi not being emotionally prepared to handle getting caught, decided to take his own life.

    2 facts to consider about this 'hate crime':
    1) Unless Rutgers University has unique policies for its dorm facilities that i'm not aware of, love affairs, gay or straight do not belong in dorm rooms.
    2) Ravi had no previous history of anti-gay bullying, so you cant make the case that this was just another piece in a larger puzzle.
  2. The title of your thread, and it's contents have nothing to do with each other. This is deception of the highest order.

    You have said more about yourself and your selection of content than the article said about the perp.

    And I, for one, am glad he is going to prison.
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    It takes brain cells to draw a line from A - B , so i'll give you a hand. If this guy can get convicted of a hate crime for doing nothing more than filming in his own room, than anyone who's living in the same country,like me, could be prosecuted the same way if similar circumstances developed.
  4. Reseach, spirit of the law......malicious intent is clear, and that makes it a hate crime.....but you are most likely a homophobe yourself, thus prompting the initiation of such a thread as this one.
  5. I wonder if this would've gone to court if his roommate was straight and got caught with a girl. I doubt it.
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    first i'm accused of deception, which you seem to be backing off of, now i'm a homophobe.. lets cut the personal attacks and stick to the story, shall we?

    'Ravi had no previous history of anti-gay bullying'
    with no history to suggest he had an anti-gay bias as well as the fact a person has a right to know whats going on in his own room, please explain how 'malicious intent is clear'
  7. Yes, your thread title was deceptive. Filming in your own room if you have a roommate and not informing him of such activities is illegal in several states.

    Question, is it normal behavior to set up a webcam in one's own room? Further, if you have a roommate is it not logical to inform him of such activity. I presume that you will attempt to plea that he set the cam up for "security purposes".

    The intent was, to capture evidence of his roommates activities and use that evidence to harm him in some way, on the basis that his sexual choices are currently viewed as outside of normal social mores.

    That is called malicious intent.
  8. If his roommate chose to pursue it certainly would have, depending on the state. This is illegal in several states.
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    I've answered that, you didnt address my response, you can write an intelligent repy or refrain from posting here.

    The laws of filming in states do not support or discredit weather it was a hate crime, its irrelevant.

    Absolutely, it's normal. first, as you pointed out, in a college dorm there is a risk of theft so that could be a reason. But more importantly, kids in college are just that, kids, just past there teens and when they know somthing inappropriate and funny is about to go down, they pull out their smartphone cameras or turn on the webcam. You'll have no trouble finding videos on youtube of (usually straight) guys getting busted on camera for looking at porn in the dorm room.

    Again, i'm repeating syself, there NO FACTS in this story, or based on Mr Ravi's past to suggest Tyler Clementi's sexual orientation was the motivating factor. Unless you have FACTS this conversations over. I've never put anyone here on ignore, but there's a first for everything.

    You clearly feel i posted this story to attack homosexuality. FYI i posted this story cause its sickening to see progressive thinkers like yourself, decided 10 years of a young mans life was a worthy sacrifice to send a political message. lets be honest RGC, if guy had an affair with a girl and took his life, to you, this story would be a penny on the sidewalk ..
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