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  1. jem


    I am in California.
    I get my news from the net and after 8.P.M on the T.V.

    I am not seeing anything since the first week after Ryan was picked.

    That is why you are fading.
    Now don't get me wrong. If you adjust the polls to the fact there are far fewer democrats than there were in 2008... you are still leading..
    but.. a few weeks of fading and the electoral college is tightening up.

    My advice is...

    You either have to 100% able to nail obama's failures on him in the debates and not take his I have created 4.5 million jobs as an answer....
    You also have to show obama path will be tax and destroy.

    or if he will be too hard to pin down ( my guess) ... then you have to put forth
    a plan so strong for our future all the undecideds will jump on your bandwagon.

    here is my can't miss plan. (you need a plan like herman cain)

    Cap govt spending until we balance... eliminate personal income tax.
    Flat (choose one - 8 -15% -) corporate income tax for american corps.
    Vat tax on foreign corps.

    Our economy will explode
    Our jobs will grow.
    And if revenues don't increase to match spending.
    Inflation will take care of it and balance us in the future. ...

    we will no longer borrow the money and go deeper into debt.
    you can just print it.
    (you have the option of paying off all the debt with one big print)

    the name of the plan is - zero flat vat
  2. wildchild


    I agree, Romney just does not seem to be out there. I watch quite a fair share of new from many sources and I am not hearing anything. Maybe he is delivering it, but they are not covering it, but something is going on. Its almost like Ryan fell off the face of the Earth. Get Ryan out there more. Ryan can articulate the message much better than Romney.
  3. yea, you should introduce plan bush 2.999999999999999.

    you dont seem to get it jem. the more romney talks the less people like what he has to say.
  4. Meh, jem gets it. He just won't accept it. The entire right is in the grieving process, and they are down to prayer now to get their guy in the white house.
  5. This will never ever happen jem....the 1% will not allow for a flat vat.
  6. What if it's THIS?

    "...Romney has been pussy-footin' all through the campaign. Makes me wonder if Congress and The Powers in the US have already agreed that we're goin' Commie... and the men behind the curtain want the campaign to look like a genuine fight, but don't want Romney to present too much of a case so that Odumbo might lose.

    There is plenty of ammo out there for Romney to LAMBAST Odumbo... but it's not happening.

    I'm starting to wonder whether Romney, Ryan, et al are in on the fix..."

    Of course I hope I'm wrong... but haven't seen anything recently to convince me..

  7. Intrade up to 75.8% for Obama.

    Romney's base of support isn't wide enough. Just look at the people at his stump speeches, then go back and look at George Bush's. See any difference?

    Makes you wonder what strategist ever thought he could win that way?
  8. Brass


    Seek help. And medication.
  9. Jem,Romney is not leading,he never was
  10. +1

    Romney could have stayed at his house the entire time and not made 1 appearance from winning the last primary to election day and he would have done better
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