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  1. I just wanted to say to everyone that I realize that the openings may or may not work for all traders. We (BT) have a good track record, and have developed many different software programs to take advantage of the strategy. I have never (and will never) say that there is a "fool proof" strategy....because there simply is not.

    I have been using a variation of this strategy since the 1970's (on the floor), and have done my best to share it with many of you. The "winners" seem to be plentiful, and extremely happy with it....those that find it difficult seem to be a bit more vocal.

    I think ET is a place to share some ideas (not all the proprietary stuff, obviously)...and I do my best to offer help whenever asked.

    So, if you choose to do the OO orders, great, if not, it is not reflecting negatively on your trading ability....they (OO's) may just not be your "cup of tea"....

    Best of Luck....

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    Absolutely: all this complaining and so-called business "intelligence" regarding your OO trading is amusing. I know people that trade the opens successfully. Like any other trading technique it takes experience to be successful. After years of working these you should be good at it. The experience factor and good algorithms are important and this, like most other techniques, requires a bit of hard work to master...... Good traders will have more than one technique that they use and selectively choose the ones to use on a given market seesion based upon their experience ...
  3. Get a call from the SEC, did you?
  4. No, unlike you my conspiratorial friend, I am not fearful nor paranoid.....simply responding to a few of the posters......

    Thanks again, for keeping your vigilant and continuing stalking of my every's really flattering.....

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  7. I like it!!! lol

  8. Now you have graphically depicted my concerns. The movie " A Beautiful Mind" kept us wondering what was real and what wasn' you have shown the truth!! LOL....Although, in this case, perhaps "beautiful" is a bit of a stretch......(all in fun Optional......keep your sense of humor!).

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  10. Another good one...I will save this picture for the upcoming book!!

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