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    "Dear IB Trader,

    A/c/e has informed Interactive Brokers that at 4:45 p.m. on Friday, November
    21, 2003 a/c/e will delete GTC orders for products that are migrating from
    a/c/e to e-cbot. These GTC orders will not be automatically transferred from
    the a/c/e trading platform to the e-cbot platform. GTC orders in those
    products transitioning from a/c/e to e-cbot can be entered as new orders on
    the e-cbot trading platform. Order entry will be available beginning at 6:30
    p.m. on Sunday, November 23, 2003.

    The products that will begin trading on e-cbot on trade date November 24, 2003
    are the following:
    - Dow Jones Industrial AverageSM Index Futures
    - Options on Dow Jones Industrial Average Index Futures
    - mini-sized DowSM Futures
    - Dow JonesSM AIG Commodity Index Futures
    - 10-Year Interest Rate Swap Futures
    - Options on 10-Year Interest Rate Swap Futures
    - 5-Year Interest Swap Rate Futures
    - Options on 5-Year Interest Rate Swap Futures
    - Fed Funds Futures
    - Options on Fed Fund Futures
    - Municipal Note Index Futures

    You can read more about the a/c/e migration to e-cbot here,1493,10+24+268+15833,00.html

    IB Customer Service"
  2. to ECBOT from ACE is not going smoothly at least for IB

    customers tonight so far in first few minutes ...

    hopefully this will be fixed at the latest by the reset

    at 1 am EST
  3. ruh roh! Skynet in control??

  4. looks to be working now