Note there are still security issues even with antivirus.

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    I was having an an audio issue where one website would not play sound on the video. I already had antivirus and anti spyware, but that was not the problem. I also checked all the Add-ons for Firefox and disabled the ones I was not using, still no success.

    Finally, I used MsConfig to check Startup. I did not care about the applications I recognized, however, I found some I did not know why they were being in started for Windows 7. So I Google each one I did not know, and found a few that where BS, so I disabled them. This solved the problem and also helped me prevent stupid updates from going off each time I start the computer. For example I don't need the latest update for Adobe Reader or Java, my old version works fine on the few times I use the application.

    I think some of the crap keeps getting updated since the programmers are bored and have to justify why they are being paid to work there 8 hours a day.
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    I recommend you either uninstall Java, allow it to update, or use a browser like Chrome that only runs Java if you give permission. Whatever you do, don't run an old version of Java.

    I am pretty smart about security, but the one time a virus got me was from an slightly outdated version of Java.
  3. Probably not virus, just junkware that gets on a computer.

    You should also have antispyware. Check the ratings from good magazines online -some antivirus's stink
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    Same thing happened to me on a fairly new sys. Found it with MS security scanner. Switched to security essentials (since mcafee has missed every virus I've caught in 3 diff systems, including alureon {found w Kaspersky}, which eventually cost me a drive), and immediately updated my java, since the virus was a java exploit.

    I now use the 64 bit browser with java disabled (except when I need it, YouTube for example, or posting here), cookies blocker and popup blocker set to max.

    Also scan with Malwarebytes periodically, usually after a scan with MS security scanner.
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    Malwarebytes does not solve most of these problems. Another issue just happened today after updating flash, all videos on youtube were green screen.

    I ran Malwarebytes since I thought maybe I accidentally installed some spyware, but it said I was not infected.

    However, after a google search, I found out others had similar problems, and it was solved by right clicking on the video, then clicking settings, and unchecking hardware acceleration. I don't remember ever selecting hardware acceleration in the 1st place, but maybe it was installed by default by the updated version of flash.
  6. my Hibernate hasn't worked now for a month
    and i'm tired of shutting everything down
    and starting it all up again

    I've tried many many things, with no success

    I'm going to just do a Windows 7 re-install
    that should fix it
    I don't think it hurts to do that once in a while anyway

  7. My system sometimes comes out of sleep mode all by itself. Could it be a slight tremor that rousts the mouse to trigger it to wake? Been kind of suspicious. I always unplug the router to the internet whenever i put it to sleep.

    Mcafee couldn't even do anything about the fake fbi malware scam and i do not trust it anymore.
  8. I'm not sure why people use the sleep/hibernate function in the first place, but...

    In W7 it's Control Panel, Power Options and then from there you can choose what the power button does, what the sleep button does, etc. How soon to turn on/off the monitors, how soon to put the computer into sleep (or not) and if/when to hibernate (or not).

    You probably have a conflict issue between your BIOS (power settings in your BIOS) and your W7 machine. If one is set to hibernate and the other is set to always be on then it will be a disaster.

    re-installs aren't that bad of an idea every few months/years if you are constantly installing and uninstalling software but should never be needed for a hibernate issue unless there is a bigger issue. A moderate SSD is ~$100 these days. With a decent SSD you can boot in 15-20 seconds (faster with no external things like hardware raid cards, etc.), much quicker than you can walk over and plug in your router and wait for it to boot up.

    RE: Antivirus, I'm still a believer in Microsoft Security Essentials and a head on your shoulders.
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    Both of the problems you described aren't security issues - they are configuration issues, therefore it is not surprising that "Malwarebytes does not solve most of these problems"

    There is a big difference between malware and poorly written software/unintended consequences.

    And as someone else mentioned, if you are going to run things like Adobe Flash and Java you should let it update when it wants to - they are finding new exploit vectors for both of these all the time, running an older version leaves you vulnerable.