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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Hawker, May 14, 2004.

  1. Hawker


    Hi All.

    Would somebody help me to find a Note Pad free software application that can register " time" (hh/mm/ss) with every textbook entry.

  2. If you use notepad that comes with windows you can just press F5 and the time and date will be entered.
  3. nkhoi


    cool trick, thnx
  4. Hawker


  5. Hawker


    Thx for the tip.

    Actually I'm looking to get time registered automatically with every entry ( like the entries in a chat room ).
  6. Hawker


    Somebody else ??

    I know is not a cool trading issue, but it will be very helpful for me in other matters.

  7. Hawker


    Anyone ??!!
  8. If pressing that one extra key (F5) in Notepad before each entry is too much, you could try searching for blogging software - Google and others offer it. That might do it for you. You might also be able to do what you want with a simple VBscript. mIRC might even let you use it for a local "chat room" with logging enabled - you'd have to check, haven't used mIRC for a long time. You might also check NetMeeting and/or MSN Messenger to see if they'd work in logging a private "chat".
  9. MS Notepad can do this automatically:

    1. Open Notepad
    2. On the first line type ".LOG"
    (period included, not quotes)
    3. Hit Enter, type the first entry into the log (title?)
    4. Save this file (somewhere easy to find, desktop)
    5. Open the file to add new entries
    6. Each time the log file is opened, a new date/time stamp is applied prior to your new entry. Just close the file after each entry, then open it when you're ready for the next entry

  10. Quah


    Just use MIRC - talk to yourself in your own room - turn logging and timestamping on.
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