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  1. Post the real name and ET handle of any members you feel have achieved their 15 minutes. Currently active, or not. Please, only post if you know (and can give it out) their real name.

    Authors, traders...anybody you think deserves recognition under their own name. Hopefully this thread can languish in Resources, instead of a Chit Chat death.


    I'll start with the few I know:

    ET Name: tampa
    Real Name: Bob Lassiter - Former radio personality. Sadly, recently deceased.

    ET Name: 007arb
    Real name: Gary Smith (not GBS from Real Money) - Author and trader -

    ET Name: inflector
    Real Name: Curtis Faith - Former "Turtle" trader, author:

    ET Name: optioncoach
    Real Name: Phil Budwick - Coauthor of Option Trader Handbook:

    ET Name: David Aronson
    Real Name: David Aronson - Author of Evidence-Based Technical Analysis:

    I know there are many more here. Post 'em!

    EDIT: I am reminded that it would be a VERY good idea if you had permission from the person you are posting about, or at least it was already in the public view. The whole idea here is not a "tattle tale" thread, just a way to see who are ET members. Most Authors and celebs (except HF managers!) probably wouldn't mind the exposure. Thanks!
  2. Yes, I know there are a lot of ET members with the same handle as famous people. But does Marty Schwartz, Nick Leeson, Livermore (from da grave), et al, REALLY post here?

    I doubt it! :p
  3. Surdo


    Is there a point to this thread?

    You forgot Aaron, a student of Monroe Trout and a CTA!
  4. Well it certainly isn't a life or death matter, but I thought it would be interesting to see what some of the members have achieved.

    And, what the heck, it's just a INet message board - let's have some fun. :)
  5. Notable, but not as far into public eye as someone that has published a book available on Amazon, or who writes a monthly trading column for a national mag, for example!


    But if you feel they deserve it, give 'em the props. Go Aaron Schindler! :cool:
  6. what about my man rennick, he even uses his real name.
  7. I believe I saw James Altucher posts here once in a while.
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