not your brain, your testes

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  1. lol, no comment.

    I don't blame ya.

    Not a problem, just take supplements.
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    Interesting idea, but I don't know if it's that simple.

    I'm a woman, and presumably have normal testosterone levels for a woman, but I take plenty of financial risks--not crazy ones, but more than the average bear. While my approach has hurt me sometimes, on balance it has paid off for me.

    My position is that I do this because I'm interested in and understand the financial markets, business, economics, real estate, etc. My career has not been in those areas, but I took the trouble to read and learn about them because I'm interested in them and because I knew from the time I was in my late teens that I would be able to make money in the markets if I learned that stuff.

    Most (but not all) of my female friends let their husbands do all the money stuff, or simply go to a financial advisor and do everything that is suggested to them without really understanding it. They are ignorant of finance and economics and in many cases rather scared of them. They think financial matters are astronomically more complicated than they really are. They are frightened of losing money in bad investments. They don't understand that risk and reward are two sides of the same coin. They don't understand the time value or opportunity costs associated with money. It does not compute with them that you must take some sort of risk to make real money. Some of them have all their money in bonds and/or CDs. No attempts on my part to discuss probable future inflation rates will change their minds.

    I think that a lot of this is cultural. Women are not encouraged in these areas. Some of them think that money and the making of money is a vulgar topic, possibly even unfeminine. Since they avoid this subject, they raise their daughters to avoid it, so the same thing goes on and on. I think and hope this is starting to change with the younger generation, who appear to be thinking for themselves more than us boomers did. It is dangerous to be ignorant about these things and to trust people whose actions you cannot verify.