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  1. So much for annonimity,

    I wanted to have a thread that didn't hit up on the front page, but those are not easy to find, at least the category, so hence the misleading name.

    This is not a continuation of the Price Bars Thread that was closed but a semi private conversation and posting for swaping charts and pictures of price bar charts....

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    these 2 charts show what is available under esignal's canned "efs" functionality

    snapshot1 show an advanced chart with no analytics other than candles at 13mins for Friday, June 6th, when the DJIA went -413.

    snapshot2 shows same exact data using the precanned function (right click; Formula > PriceBars > RSIPriceBars.efs) as it applies and colors the candles accordingly

    the objective is to show the overall trend along with the individual candle status, hence double dipping on each bar, its purpose,

    are these the much touted price bars that show nothing but volume and price and allow such freedom from technical analysis?
  2. here's the 2nd chart,

    there are limits on attachment, under ET