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  1. Does anyone have any links on measurements for underemployment (i.e. high-level managers now cooking burgers, etc.)

    Does any organization or agency staticize this? Does anyone track this. I believe that THIS is a major economic depressant on standards of living.

    Not only in lowered income due to say former managers not being able to find commenserate work, but also a morale depressor as well; taking a much lower paying job in a totally different industry because you need the income... and at this point ANY income would be better than no income.

    Any links, comments or other references would be greatly appreciated.
  2. We do not talk about these things. If and when someone in the government finds out that someone is poking around this subject, this person's life all of the sudden will be in danger.
    Take your pills and watch Fox News.
  3. dont


    In the words of a UB40 song.

    "I am the one in ten, a statistical reminder of a world that doesn't care"

    Basically I am one of the ten percent unemployed, but the Thatcher regime in the UK decided to change the way unemployment was measured, so that it was not 10% but far lower. Besides under employed, the refused to count anybody who had not had a job before. So students who had just finished studying and unable to find work did not count.
  4. Jeez!
    You mean to tell me NO ONE measures UNDER-employment?
  5. Sometimes being under-employed means you make 6 times what you made working.

    Of course I could always go find another job, but it would mean a crap salary, long hours, traveling, etc., and basically just wouldn't be worth the hassle. Then there would be the problem of what to do with all the money I made playing the market the past 4 or 5 years. What could I invest it in that would be safe, that I wouldn't need to dog watch it all day long in this crazy environment?

    Its like a big casino out here, but we seem to be playing with monopoly money.

    Its good to be lucky.
  6. :p The same way the US deals with inflation.

    If you don't like the number, change how it is calculated.
  7. yeah the banana republic is alive and well !!!!
  8. Apparently NO one measures under employment.
    There are soo many former technologists whose jobs have been offshored and outsourced and are now working as barristas, bookkeepers, assistant managers at Ikea, etc.

    No one wants to acknowledge declining wage levels.
    reduced living standards.
    Its accompanying, mental, spiritual and physical degradation
    and the social unrest which follows.

    Strange times we're living in.:confused: