Not to Worry

Discussion in 'Trading' started by easyrider, May 11, 2002.

  1. I used to worry that too many traders were coming into the game and there wouldnt be enough for me.:D After two plus years of trading I no longer worry about such a ridiculous idea. Whether I join the ranks of the succesful or not is still open to question but the idea that there will ever be too many traders is laughable. The ordeal you must pass through cannot be endured by any reasonable normal human being. The week I just went through would compare to grabbing your upper lip and pulling it over the top of your head.
  2. egildone


    I read somewhere that there were 40,000 active daytraders today with about 10% making money.
    may the other 90% are necessary for the 10% to be profitable.

  3. Neil


    easy.. do not do that.. took ages to stop laughing! Nearly did myself an injury! lol

    sorry you had a bad week.. this game is hateful sometimes.. but marvellous when winning.

    I am not sure there is a single normal human being on this forum.. scarcely a woman anyway.. and they are the only normal humans around, according to my wife anyway..