Not to worry folks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rickshaw Man, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Their will be the usual end of day rally you can bet on it.
  2. ok------you first. :)
  3. always is...

    especially with terror news = hod close for past 3 years imo
  4. Starts every day in the futures indexs at 3:30et, just watch.
  5. its just because MSFT earnings are coming out and everyone is hoping they are good.
  6. EqtTrdr I sometime wonder were this people come from that seem to doubt us. Its like the haven't been paying attention all year long.
  7. The last 30 minute rally has become a tradtion lately. How do you interpret that?
  8. ozzy


    I also think we will rally into the close.

    ozzy (buy em now boyz) !!
  9. It's because all the "smart" money primarily invests in mutual funds and they get their cash allocation.
  10. Should close around 10680 in YM
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