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    I have been working on this hobby project for years. I have had a live feed since 2004 for 30 stocks, approx 200 million data points saved. I have built a process around a Linux&OracleDB server that spits out recommendations of when to buy / sell. I also have it back test to adjust variables over time.

    All results are tweeted in real time so I can watch remotely while I work the day job.

    When I use it, I have made 30 - 40% returns / yr. Which is not enough to quit the IT day job.

    I want to ask, does anyone think this thing has any value to anyone else other than me?

    Has anyone else here had a similar project?

    Thanks in advance.

    Link to historical results:
    Twitter account: dreturns
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    If you're 100% confident you can earn 30-40%/year with this, why not trade it yourself? You could scrape together 100k, open a customer portfolio margin account, and given those returns, then you've got 150K-250K/year after the first year, 450K-625K after the second, etc.

    I'll warn you, though, that in my own experience, backtests are meaningless without real, consistent results; slippage is a killer in backtesting, and I don't think you'll really know until you've already made enough to have quit your IT job. It's a chicken and egg problem that only you can solve.

    As far as outsiders are concerned, IMO they'd be insane to invest with you at this point, unless they're close family who have a vested interest in seeing you succeed and therefore are willing to risk massive losses.

  3. Wtf are you asking? There are several trader combines going on. Join one and prove your system you'll be trading 1 to 10 million account within 1 year depending who you go with. With the split your take is easily 250K a year. I don't know of any IT drone job that pays that much.
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    WTF I am asking is just what you replied. Had not heard the term trader combines. I spend too much time coding and not trading.

    But more specific, anyone here build a similar project? What happened?
  5. badvestor - Do you have a link for one of the trader combines? I have never heard of them before. Thanks.
  6. Topstep trader
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    With consistent returns like these, I hope you own a house of pure gold by now and ride a unicorn to work.
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    i couldnt understand your twitter account or website. You dont have any sizes or fills or anything. You just have a bunch of buy XYZ at this price sell XYZ at this price. And a return column that could be made up.

    I suggest sell it as a service with cya statements
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    Isn't that what a recommendation should be, simple buy here sell there? I don't want to get in to #s of shares.

    The %return is a reflection on profit / share on the sell. Your right, I should do a better job at representing that. Comes from being a developer and not a trader.
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    Interesting. I'm working on a similar project for over 2 years next to my day job. I only use C/C++. The overal output of the system consists of buy/sell signals as well. I do not have any results that I feel comfortable to write here, except for the many concepts that proved to be useful or not in the overal chain of decisions that eventually result in such buy/sell signals. It's a long and exciting journey through ideas and experiments.

    If you see consistent results and small drawdowns, I'd go live with a small account and see how it performs in the wilderness.

    Do you simulate slippage?
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