Not possible to request bid/ask of an option spread using IB API

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  1. Hi Community,

    I am coding a trading algo and trying to find a way to pull the bid/ask for a an equity option call spread - in Python using ib_insync.

    Code Below:
    whatsmyprice = ib.reqTickByTickData(spread_contract, "BidAsk", 0, True)


    Error 321, reqId 88: Error validating request:-'bZ' : cause - 'BAG' security type is not supported in ReqTickByTick(97) request, contract: Contract(secType='BAG', symbol='AAPL', exchange='SMART', currency='USD', comboLegs=[ComboLeg(conId=403136034, ratio=1, action='BUY', exchange='SMART', openClose=0, shortSaleSlot=0, designatedLocation='', exemptCode=-1), ComboLeg(conId=403136060, ratio=1, action='SELL', exchange='SMART', openClose=0, shortSaleSlot=0, designatedLocation='', exemptCode=-1)])

    However, the TWS system is able to display the bid/ask and midpoint of option spreads in TWS. How can I pull bid, ask and midpoint using ib_insync API or IB API?

    Thanks Community!!
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    We see the use of BAG for SecType. Perhaps, you should be using "OPT" for stock options.
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  3. My coder figured it out. The problem was the ib.reqTickByTickData

    data = ib.reqTickers(spread_contract)
    print('ask_price: ', data[0].ask)
    print('bid_price: ', data[0].bid)
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