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  1. I opened a small real money account with Oanda a while back, and actually turned a profit after my first trades.

    After that ive been in a small hole (like 50 bucks), and the more i research strategies, stories what have you im reading stories about "Stop hunting" which i have came across on many different forex brokers but mainly oanda......

    If it is possible how could this be?????

    Is it that OANDA "is out to get me" screening my charts to rob me of my money.....

    Then i think about it "well if im losing money some other trader on oanda must be making money or is this some intricate plot of the illuminati to collectively rob people......

    OR is it a possibility this is just a noobs baptism....

    If its true OANDA has the ability to screen my charts how could one possibly fight back......

    "Soft Order" using FXSPYDER or something similar???

    Using a different brokers charts while executing trades on oanda(which i think would be quite idiotic for some reason)???

    Or simply not using profit and stop lines and relying on a quick mouse and steady hand.........

    Im interested to hear your opinions......
  2. Oanda absolutely has the ability to stop hunt you. But, judging by the size of your account, I rather doubt that is happening. I've had a 6 figure account for a while and there have been one, maybe two, circumstances that have made me raise my eyebrow.
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    I am sorry but man of your intelligence can not have this much money

    even if you won lottery, laws of physics would ensure you lose or spend it the next day

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  4. Stop hunting??? If its done with forex then it can be done by anyone one anything. If his account isn't big enough my account was. I've got to know everything there is to know about stop hunting where can read about it? Any light that shed on this by anyone ...thanks.
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    i really dont undersand how your broker can screw your over its not like he controls the price of the pairs, is there somthing im missing here?
  6. Yes :)

    Think about it, whose platform is it? Who streams the quotes on that platform?
  7. If it is bucket shop then, they control the horizontal and the vertical. What you see is not always reality.
  8. Stop hunting goes on at every level of the game. Retail forex is the bottom rung and has the most bullshit. Just realize what game you are playing and adjust accordingly.

    Nobody is clicking through your stop for 50 bucks, but people tend to put their stops in the same areas, so in aggregate it might have knocked a lot of unhedged volume off the shops book at a loss to go through your stop.

    Or maybe their liquidity went on a stop run.

    You just got to deal unless its totally bogus.
  9. This is the best way to trade w/bucketshops....

  10. Thing is what data comes across your monitor that data is from trades not some imposed lines in your brokers program ...right:confused:

    You can go back and verify from some other chart that your platform is feeding you correct data ...right:confused:

    It just seems every time I enter an order on a pullback
    the price goes further south on me ...alot, and I've heard of
    brokers who target accounts from some post on here a long while ago. Tell me thats not true.

    Its for that reason that I use mental stops since I trust little. Yes, I"m a retail noob but I'm not here to provide the money.

    Is this one of those subjects that veterans are reluctant to
    volunteer details about?
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