Not-obvious reason growing dissatisfaction in US

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  1. In 1950, the US population was half of what it is now.

    That means twice more space per person. Less demand for land thus cheaper housing, emptier roads, more space for growing food thus lower food prices, etc. etc.
  2. One area of population growth that is often overlooked which has exacerbated the problem.

    100,000 Martian-Americans in Area 51 (nearly three time the amount of martian -amercans in 1950.

    200,000 Transgendered-Americans

    450,000 Domesticated-Canine-Americans registered to vote as Republicans

    550,000 Neanderthal-Americans, mainly located in secluded mountain regions of West Virginia
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    In Los Angles we have Mayor Villarigossa telling us to conserve water... I always want to tell him if he wants enough water to go around, he can send back a couple million illegal Mexicans to that shithole Mexico... We built up a great water infrastructure then this bullshit government brings in millions of people illegally and tells us to conserve.....
  4. i believe to be the leading cause of price inflation--population growth.
  5. Actually in 1990 the US population was 151 million. In 1950 it was 76 million. Today its just over 300 million. so the US population was half what it was 20 years ago.
  6. yes very good and reliable source
    according to it USA pop in 1900 was 3 millions

    although population of New York was 8 millions and Illinois 5 millions

    I think you overtraded today if you post such links and use such info

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