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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tyler19, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Has anyone had a problem with there software, where when you open it in the morning it says your in a position? This has happened to me 2 days in a row. there is also a buy stop and it will not let me cancel it. I wont mention the software I'm using but would like to know if anyone else has this happen?
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    Don't you think that if an unkown position shows up in your account the first person you should contact is your broker rather than posting it on a public discussion board!?

    I mean, if you have already contacted your broker and the issue has been addressed then why post it here. On the other hand, if you haven't contacted your broker yet then you .... well, you should.
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    I called my broker, Tech supprt does not arrive untill 8est.
    This happend yesterday also. They fixed it in the morning, now again this morning its back.
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    If you are 100% certain that this is not your position then don't touch it! Don't do anything, don't try to cancel a stop order. Just contact your broker and get it fixed.

    Obviously, your broker is having some glitch.
  5. The OP is asking whether it has happened to anyone else. why is that such a bad thing to post in a forum? He's not asking you to fix the damn thing.
  6. tyler19


    Right, I know this. Its not my order. But overall this is the third time this has happened.
    Just wondering if anyone else has this problem ?
  7. MTE


    Well, in the intial post the OP didn't mention that the broker has already fixed this once and the problem has reappeared.

    It seems that usually, the first thing people do is rush to post here rather than contacting their broker, which, obviously, is not the case here.
  8. The closest that has happened to me was when I use IB's WTS and it executes phantom trades for me.

    It's done it 3 times. I will hear a ding then I see an order that I had previously cancelled (probably at least 10 minutes before) all of a sudden execute.
  9. That's not a phantom trade, that is a delayed execution of a cancelled order. Your own. See the other thread about that
    A phantom trade is when you suddenly are short AAPL when you never traded that before.

    The OP also isn't clear about whether the positions he involuntarily is in has anything to do with his won usual trades.

  10. Never had that problem before but I have had some situations where I wish that was the case.

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