not much to move markets tomorrow,Friday April 18th...what can move it?

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  1. not much to move markets tomorrow,Friday April 18th...what can move it?...there aint NO economic news coming out you think:
    GOOG "hype" earnings will move anything tomorrow?
    CAT,C,HON,XRX before market opens can move it?...or include April options expiration Friday....could honestly be "Flat Friday"...or...what are your thoughts...piecing all of this together...
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    Flat or down tomorrow.
  3. Have a look at the ESM08, It holds yesterday's gain, huge candle on the upside, short candles on the downside.

    Unless there's some terrible news out before open, I think the 1338 Level will put into play once again tomorrow.
  4. With the markets already trading right at resistance levels if GOOG can just make them gap up above that resistance by even a little bit it could give the markets enough bullish sentiment to stay above that resistance and keep going. I don't think the market could stand for long on GOOG alone but if GOOG can put the market in a position to stand on it's own I might be the catalyst that brings in the bulls. It's really a coin toss though.
  5. This thread is a joke, right?
  6. Right?

    Either that or you guys are fucking psychotic. Completely divorced from reality. Google's up huge afterhours, lots of markets and individual stocks poised for an upside breakout and you can't figure out what'll move the market?
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    Seems like a huge change in short-term sentiment. Sell in May and go away looms large, so things might get interesting real soon!

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    McCain slips up and uses the word "Toast" in the same sentence as the word "Economy" and CNN seizes the opportunity to endlessly debate whether McCain's candidacy is now toast because of his injudicious use of the word "Toast." Even though McCain immediately retracts and apologizes for "mis-speaking," and Fox assures viewers that it's a non-issue, Hillary's campaign headquarters waste no time in declaring McCain totally out of touch with middle America and unpatriotic for denigrating a great American breakfast tradition. Obama's campaign operatives steadfastly refuse to weigh in on the "toast" controversy but point out that Hillary once appeared at a political fund raiser in which former Weatherman member Laura Whitehorn was "toasted". The next day, in response to the uncertainty created by the "Toast Controversy" the market "plummets" 90 points. MSNBC commentators don't know if the "Toast" controversy has legs but pledge to keep viewers informed and to be there when new "Toast" stories break. :D
  9. Goog is not a predictor of the economy. Goog is about webclicks. In fact, its a predictor of how many jackasses are sitting home at their computers unemployed.

    CAT, C and all those others reporting tommorrow are bellweather stocks for the economy. CAT has machinery that builds things, C is a major financial institution, etc.

  10. C and CAT are big mkt movers.
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