not much talk about huge bubbles in brazil and mexico

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  1. and all of central america. mexico and brazil up and incredible 80% since july. these are once in alifetime moves
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    With a pathetic gdp growth rate of 3.7% a year, the brazilian index skyrocketed. We are ranked 15th in growth in Latin America. We are behind Guatemala, Panama and we were actually next to last before the brzl government reviewd the gdp numbers. Foreign investments are near high, risk is at it's lows, the government can't hold our currency and everyday a new g8 country want to pour billions into ethanol plants.

    Brazil jumped on the bandwagon of emerging markets but now with ethanol craze I think it will just keep going higher.

    If anyone is interested in ethanol farms, please contact me.
  3. Just two years ago China (Shanghai Index) made new all-time lows. This, even though China's output was accelerating very fast. Sometimes the market is not priced correctly and goes crazy eventually during the correction.
  4. Which is why patience is an investor's biggest ally.
  5. I am very interested in ethanol forums.
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    i live in central america and i agree that they are "once in a lifetime". most of the money that comes here is comin gfrom the states it is real estate speculation and tourism.

    At the same time, after the next down cycle in the US...i expect emerging markets to grow at a faster rate than the US. US has real problems right now as far as economic, macro fiscal, micro fiscal, foreign realtions, tarrifs, taxes etc.

    I am coninuing to look offfshore for more and better opportunities than can be found in the US.