Not Much Green Today Except in my Salad

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Spectra, May 30, 2007.

  1. Spoke with a lot of users today that held on to their shorts stubbornly without a stop. These were the only trades I placed today and they *all* used stops. It was very tough. Is trading impossibile?? No but its definately not easy.

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  2. Do you feel embarrased after posting that statment? You should!

    To all new traders considering their chatroom, mentorship programs or edcuational programs, please take note.....this guy is trading 3 lot's and a 7k account. Do you really want to know what he knows? What do you really expect to learn? What can he teach you? I submit.....not much.

    Personally, I think that education is a good thing, even a great thing, but one should insist that the person you are learning from can at least earn a 6 figure income, doesn't look like this guy is on track.
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    How do you know account size? Order_Id is not account balance. And just guessing, account number is not 53.
  4. No mschey. I don't feel embarrassed at all. If I did, I would not of posted in the first place. I think you have your facts confused. I'm not the head trader or educator of PureTick. That would be Alex Wasilewski. He's gotten way to busy to come on here and bicker with the users. So I do it :)

    I'm in charge of web site programming, user issues and I will trade my account 4-5 times each day as well. He does all the commentary and trading calls. Too much stress for me. I'm not embarrassed to show my P&L. Its not bad for someone who is new to futures (less then 2 years). Alex has a few decades on me. But thanks for thinking of my feelings :)

    I'm a single guy with not many needs. What I made just today is more then most people I've met make in a day.

    Anyway, must get some sleep. If you want to belittle my trading skills tomorrow as we'll I can start posting daily. hehe :) If you want to see what the top dog is doing. You'll have to email

    P.S. Where'd you get that figure of acct size? I'll tell you my account size though. I dont mind, its $87,328.54 right now. No! Sorry. Im not a millionaire. I consider myself in purgatory between newbie and seasoned trader.

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  5. Yep. Blocked it out. Dont trust you ET guys! hehe jj


  6. Woooohooooo! Congrats you were able to make money trading size that doesn't matter. Pat yourself on the back for using a boy! The question you should be asking....the market shot up 20 points today...why didn't I make 5 X that amount!

    You should feel're a hack...a wanna be, and you have no business offering any advice on trading!

    Anyone considering their service.....look elsewhere! There are lots of great traders out there you can learn from. Real traders, who make real $, and do this for a living. If a trader can't put 6 figures on the board, he has nothing to offer! This guy is all walk! Cast your vote, with your wallet, and look elsewhere.

  7. Trading 3 lots, how much do you think he has in his account? Do you think he has 6 figures, or do you think he is funded with the minimum necessary to conduct business?
  8. once again. thats not alex's account. its mine. i dont claim to be a millionaire have 26k in the bank and make 100-300 daily losing once a week. there..the truth. im still an apprentice

    you guys are so greedy. you think you should start making $5k a day? you'll soon blow out your account.