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    And you thought The Sting was only a movie. Here's a current thread on another board (a forex only board, you probably can guess which one):

    [OP:] Hi guys,

    I’ve been trading for years now and have just recently tried out managed accounts instead of the regular price watching and losing game. A buddy a mine has had his money with an investment /managed accounts firm now for about 4 years and they grow his account by around 5% each month. I’ve been with them now for about 6 months, but my problem is …Does anyone know of any managed acc firms that payout or grow your account by more than 5% each month?
    Any help would be great thanks guys.

    Dont send Pm on or because I've been with the dealsjamaica one for 6mths so I already know they are ok. Thanks and hope u guys can help.

    [REPLY:] Are you unhappy with 5% per month???

    [OP:] Well, Sort of. I only have US10,000 with them so far which means I only get like $500 paid to my account each month. My buddy has 50k with them so its just a matter of getting advice on if we're asking 2 much. But I was just wondering if there was any other firm that pays more. Or is this asking a bit too much.

    [REPLY:] 5% a month is not enough?? 60% a year return......last I checked there is nothing else in the world paying more than that......I'm going to be opening a managed account soon and I have big money lined up for 3%
  2. Sounds like many here at ET, making 5% an hour.