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  1. Am really not very happy on how slow it takes for me to flip through eSignal pages.... or even when i'm working in the same page.... it's very very slow. Data seems to come in in real time... but everything else seems too slow. Example.... today i moved a window and it couldn't keep up with the mouse icon. I also wanted to set an alert... and had to wait like 3 seconds for alarm window to pop up.

    My question is....... is this because i have too many windows open at one time??... or is it eSignal thats slow.

    My page set-up: 21 windowns open displaying various charts and quotes. Its spread across 4 monitors.

    My Hardware: 1 Matrox Parhelie 128MB controlling 3 monitors, and 1 Matrox G200 8MB controlling the 4th monitor. My comp is
    3.01 GHz with 1.5 GB ram.

    I have always beleived my set up was fast enough.... but could 21 open windows be too much for my system???
  2. What does your CPU load look like when the slowness happens (task manager, performance tab)
  3. hmmm it just keeps idling between 5% and 60% no matter what..... im thinking this might also be caused by my firewall.... i don't know anything about computers. Its a miracle i was able to install a new video card and monitor.:confused:

  4. Certain EFS studies will dramatically slow eSignal down, especially when loading new pages.

  5. You need to boost your video card memory. 128 is barely enough for two monitors, imho.

    - The New Guy
  6. Thats precisely what I was thinking. My eSignal charts on one monitor was really slow, and it was the one that was hooked up to a 64 MB old Matrox card.

    Video card memory is the most likely culprit.

  7. 128MB is more than enough to run charts; overkill actually.

    For what he is describing, the most likely culprit is an EFS that is using the OHLC for computation or an EFS updating on every tick instead of the close. This is a well documented issue with eSignal.

  8. To each their own. I've spent my life supporting trading computers and I would not build one with three monitors running off a 128 MB card, but maybe you're right, maybe it is overkill.

    I run all 512 in the new PC's I built, and I gotta tell you, they run like a dream. Depends on what you're doing, and i haven't used esignal in years, but I suspect that's where the problem is. Also, 8MB card for the other monitor? That's definately gotta go.

    - The New Guy

  9. It doean't take a sledge hammer to place a thumb tack in cardboard. 8MB video is plenty to run charts. I suggest you do some research on this matter. He's running 2D charts, not Doom3! :D



    Found this with a quick search. Hope it helps.
  10. for what its worth ... i am using alot of studies... add on studies. Some windows have as much as 4 custom studies going on at once. On pages that i dont have the studies, its much faster.... still.... cant believe my set-up is not fast enought to handle custom studies.
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