Not how long -- What is the syllabus?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortorlong, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. I see a lot of discussion this afternoon around 'How long will it take to become profitable' or 'How will I know when I 'get it'?"

    I'm not sure there is much value in that question though.. If the answer is reported as '5 years', are you going to train for 5 years and then quit if you're not profitable? Are you going to become profitable in 1 year and assume you've gotten there early so stop learning?

    Some people learn English faster than others, some learn Mathematics faster than others.. A syllabus for math might look like this:

    1 - Arithmetic

    2 - Algebra

    3 - Calculus

    4 - Differential Equations

    5 - Eigen Values and Linear Algebra

    6 - ?

    For the benefit of those asking the 'how long' questions, I wonder if we might get some people to chime in on

    -- What is the syllabus for learning to trade?
  2. I've only been at this for a few weeks myself, but just to setup the template. Here is what it *might* look like. Anyone want to try their own syllabus?

    A - Fundamentals
    1 - Basics of Supply and Demand

    2 - Market structure and participants, what happens when you place an order

    3 - Candlestick charts

    4 - Trendlines

    5 - Volume

    6 - Indicators

    B - Strategy
    7 - Orders - Stop/Loss, Take Profit, etc

    8 - Trading plans and Discipline

    9 - Sizing up, Scaling out

    10 - ?

    I could see that being a decent start. Not sure how anyone could go about putting time estimates against that though..