Not gonna take any more of my money

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  1. I am done, no more day trading for me.
    second day i tried to trade a break out on ES and it didn't work. I just can't stop out until I take a hit.
    I did not totally blow up but losing 60% of starting capital over 1 year is enough.
    Its not worth trying after taking a big loss and I have taken a BIG loss on march 12th.
    I can't seem to get back in the game. I make some and then lose some more.
    Maybe I'll swing trade or learn something about options.
    If I get real lucky I'll find someone to teach me
  2. trading breakouts and breakdowns in the traditional sense on the ES is probably one of the worst strategies you can employ. No wonder you are having trouble.

    ES is a retrace then pop and vice versa type mkt generally.
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    I have all day to trade the simulator and learn and I don't need the income so that's what I'm doing. Done well today, my evolving strategy makes lots of money, the way I did it, forget it, glad it's play money...
  4. while normal people made losing trading, they usually kept it to themselves, only brag their winning trades.

    You aren't normal, in fact you are probably abnormal, always coming back with different alias and make such claim of not trading any more.

    pretty lames, so gtfo from forum with such young alias.:D
  5. I agree trade forex if you want to trade trends

    btw I will teach you my trading for a $50 fee. Sounds fair eh?
  6. If you are trading BO on the ES you better be looking at a 30min or greater chart.
  7. and that is why your alias is invest with me???
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    Truth is people think the market is an ATM machine.

    Be patient and wait for days where making money buying or shorting is as obvious as the air we need to breath.

    Until that happens, learn to sit on your hands or trade multiple vehicles in order to enhance such finding.

  9. please don't tell me you are Canadian, cause if you are

    I will go to US and renounce my Canadian citizenship

    this is too much
  10. its obvious to you now that you don't know what you are doing

    keep trying but without real money for now
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