Not everywhere is a good place to live or travel...

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  1. Not everywhere is a good place to live or travel. If you want a good time, then stick with the places which have the most positive reviews. If you go to a place like say Africa, which many people dont use as a travel location, then dont have any expectations beforehand.

    Stick with the beaten path unless you truly like blazing a trail into unknown or unliked territory.
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    thank you christopher Columbus.

    what is your quota on theads per week. How many do you have to start. 3-4.

    get a life,

  3. what the hell is this doing in 'career trader'??
  4. I would like to trade from Samarkand, can anyone please advise...
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    LOL. You sound like you've never been outside of New Jersey.
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    ..and many people do use it as a vacation location. Even more people actually live there. :)

    Do you have other pearls of wisdom, oh Great One???
  7. rofl :p
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    Do your ultra low thread ratings count?

    If so, I'm outa here!
  10. This is odd. I feel funny. Thanks for the tip, though!
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