Not even the Bankers knew this will happen. Story of Debt

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  1. When you create currency with interest attached to it, debt in other words.

    You create a system that can not survive more than 200 years.

    Central Bankers managed to swindle world governments by taking over money supply. But there is no way in hell they knew that it can't last.

    Take a look at debt of all western countries. They are all broke. USA Greece UK, they are all broke. The bankers privately are scratching their head how to fix the situation without masses realizing the scam and coming for their heads.

    Current plan is PRESS ZERO ON KEYBOARD and hold until enough currency is created to pay the bills. Make no mistake that is exactly how FED and IMF come up with funds.

    So what if Dollar and Euro is weakening all the time. So what happens when system completely collapses.

    We start over and Private Bankers show up to offer their services as money supply controllers. And we have another 200 years. People toil, bankers live elite lifestyle and all is well. :mad:

    Point of the story, if you are stupid, rapes never stop. Cause you are stupid. The end.
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    You've heard of kicking someone in the crotch right?

    Personally I want to get rich just so I can do that to the fed.
  3. i wouldn't say stupid. just a lack of information available and a top notch disinformation campaign.

    But yes it is ridiculous that nobody gives it a second thought how every nation can be in such heavy debt and to whom
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    Look at it another way:

    The biggest holders of sovereign debt are Central Banks.

    Central Banks buy each others Government debt with money they print.

    The scam is they both buy equal amounts of each others debt, which allows them to keep that interest they would otherwise have to destroy if they simply bought their own Countries debt. This lets Central Bankers feed off the backs of slaves working the global plantation.

    It's actually quite ingenious.

    As it stands, when the US FED prints money and buys US Treasuries, both principle and interest must be remitted back to the Treasury for destruction when the taxpayers pay that bond back.


    When the FED buys Japanese Government debt, it doesn't destroy the interest earned on that paper.

    That's the scam. So the Japs buy Treasuries, and keep the interest. And the FED buys Jap Government bonds and keeps the interest.

    The whole arrangement allows Central Banks to keep hundreds of Billions in interest off money they printed from nothing. Except, instead of Americans being slaves to the American FED, Americans are slaves to the Japanese and Chinese Central Bankers. And the Japanese are slaves to American and European Central Bankers. Central Bankers agreed to whore out their own people, for trillions.

    I think this is what's happening.

    What makes this so evil, is that Countries could simply print their own money, interest-free. In both instances (Central Bank or no Central Bank), taxpayers suffer debasement. But in the current system, taxpayers suffer debasement + unnecessary interest.

    I don't know what the exact numbers are, but I'd estimate some >50% of US Treasuries are owned by the FED and foreign Central Banks. That means >50% of the interest payments made on debt service each year go to feed these Central Bankers. Average debt service is ~400 Billion, per year = 200 Billion. Income tax collection is 915 Billion, per year. So >20% of the taxes we pay, are siphoned off for our global Central Banking Pimps.
  5. You still call Japanese people Japs? Don't forget to plant some Liberty Cabbage in your Victory garden, gramps. I hear it's the bees knees. How many rods to the hogshead does your horseless carriage get?
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    Little sensitive, aren't we?
  7. good point people cry about inflation when the fed prints money to buy treasuries, but if you calculate the interest paid by continually rolling over debt it far exceeds the cost of inflation.

    thanks to congressman Wright Patman the fed must rebate most of the money back to the treasure.
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    I think Bernake just Failed. Market is acting like massive bailout for Greece/piigs coming. If that happens, oil is going 100+. We will double dip. I am convinced we first went into recession because of the high commodities from Beranke/Greenspan and competition from China. Yes the housing market was a disaster, a complete mis-allocation, but commodities popped it. Now here we go again. It's going to get popped and no one even got a damn job. Complete failure. He could have telegraphed a 6 month out rate hike or something. Even some were expecting him to calm down. Nothing. If Greece gets a real haircut, maybe all is not lost, but I'd be shocked. I'll tell you what, these freakin bankers are retarded. This is going to end badly, and not in 5 years. And the title of the thread is dead on. They should know better, but they don't.
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    Stating the problem is not enough, you must also come up with a solution. Do you have one?

    In an ideal nation, there would be an educated citizenry that would have a direct vote on whether to print more money.

    Not happening any time soon.
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    Everyone believes these bailouts are going to work, sure they will in the short term, but in the long term its only going to collapse the entire financial system!!!!!
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