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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by damir00, Aug 26, 2003.

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    ET just isn't the same lately. scanning through the boards this evening i was shocked to discover there are only 452 boards covering Jack-related topics. this is a horrifyingly low 89.3% of all boards.

    something MUST be done about this!

  2. :D :D LOL

    I was thinking the same thing today.....jack sure had a lot of coverage.
  3. But he won't be missed like I am.
  4. super-ego,

    your name sucks, dude. you're not the real super_ego.

  5. I know for a fact they're the same poster.
  6. i don't think so.

    prove your fact.


  7. offense, but...who are you???:confused:
  8. vega


    Whoooooooooo are you, who who, who who:D

    Pete Townsend:p
  9. damir00

    damir00 Guest're sized to big to function rationally.
  10. vega


    But what exactly do you mean ?

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